Minutes and Documents


Artistree Meeting – 7th September, 2015 – Brewers Pub, Ledbury



Present – Valleri, Bill, Tony, Paul, Philip, Alan, Jan, Paddy, Elaine, Caroline, Cheryl.


Apologies – Rachel, Alice, Brian, Alison, Nicci



Chairperson – Valleri opened the meeting and welcomed all who were present.


New Member – Ed Mustafic joined us and wanted to become a new member.  He is doing a degree with the Open College of Art which is distance learning and is looking to exhibit his work.  Ed showed us a portfolio of his work.  Ed was welcomed back as a new member.


Weavers Exhibition – This is booked for 23rd-29th November 2015.  Brian, Jan, Alice, Paul, Valleri, Nicci, Tony, Rachel, Caroline, Elaine, Paddy, Ed and Bill all want to be involved.


Caroline raised the issue of ‘size of work’ and how much we could show.  It was decided that we would all bear in mind the limitations and it would be worked out at the time of hanging and it would be expected that we would all have to take some work back home with us.


Chery commented that venue size will determine how many people exhibit.  So while a large group exhibition may be possible smaller exhibitions are also viable.


Tony offered to design the poster and flyers


Philip offered to put a wooden Artistree sculpture into the council window

Elaine to send Tony the Artistree logo.


 Elaine to contact Brian for the Mission Statement and send to Paddy.

We all agreed to send Tony a photograph with the possibility of it being included in the publicity leaflets.  The deadline for the posters/leaflets/invites completion is end of OCTOBER.  Tony will need the photos at least two weeks before.


We had a discussion around ‘wording’ for the posters etc.  It was decided not to add anything other than Artistree for the posters and leaflets but to add to the invitations, particularly for the private view, that we are ‘re-launching’ Artistree.  Our Mission statement may be also added to the publicity material.


We decided we would like to have cards on display for sale.


Anyone who has a browser would bring it.


We had a short discussion about having a card reader.  If we are going to do more exhibitions this could be something we need but in the meantime, if someone is interested in any work but does not have the cash on them it was agreed that we would take a small deposit to ‘hold’ the work while they go and get the necessary cash out of the machine.


Tony suggested we re- arranged where we sit to steward as it could be a barrier in its current place and the proposed move would be in the main room under the beam with a much smaller table.


The usual table would stay where it is and it would be utilised for cards and possibly 3d work and be very useful for the private view evening.


A discussion took place around what pieces from each exhibitor were shown – i.e. an equal share of space throughout the rooms or whether pieces were arranged to complement one another regardless of originator.  Most people were in favour of hanging harmoniously but if someone really wanted all their work to hang together – perhaps a series – then that would be accommodated too.  It was suggested that we have to trust those from the hanging group to want the best for all and the exhibition.


Elaine, Alan, Tony, Paul and Valleri offered to mount the exhibition.  Work to be delivered on Sunday 22nd November after 4pm so exhibition can be ready to go on 23rd November.


Monday 23rd November is to be the Private View between 5-7.30pm.


Hospitality – Ed will approach Heywine for the hire of glasses (50) and wine on a sale or return basis.


Paddy will bring a small table for us to use for stewarding.


Tony will organise the invite for the private view and email us all with a copy to send out to friends and family.


It was decided that we would all bring something small to eat for the private view, nibbles etc.


Caroline is to contact the local press – Ledbury Reporter – The Focus – Broadsheet – Malvern Observer – Icebites – Ledbury Portal.


Labels – Foam board with white paper – Paul will email us all with specifications so we can all do our own labels but have uniformity.


We should all provide some artists statements with contact details to be given to anyone who buys our work.


Caroline will ask ‘Raft’ if they will hold the key for us overnight to be collected each day and suggested we buy a take-away coffee from them.


Valleri will arrange the rota and email it to us so we can all put down the times we are able to steward.


It was decided that we would give a 10% on any sales as this would add to the funds.  Also if anyone is not able to exhibit over the course of the year there is a fairer dispersing of funds for everyone.


Possible new member – We welcomed Maureen to the group.  Her work is still at college as it is part of her MA.  Maureen was asked to send some images to Paddy who in turn will send them to us all so we can decide on her membership.




Paddy will bring this to the next meeting.


A discussion took place about whether there should be a cap on the number of members.  It was proposed  there should be a cap at 30 members.  This is to be further discussed at the next meeting.  It was also suggested that we choose what type of work we wanted so as not to have too many painters for instance.  This is an ongoing discussion too.


Caroline suggested that there may be a building available for us in Ledbury and she is continuing her efforts there.


Valleri suggested we may be able to have an exhibition at the Worcester Porcelain Factory.  To be looked into.




DATE OF NEXT MEETING – MONDAY 19TH OCTOBER – Brewers Pub, Ledbury – 7.15pm