Paddy Hannigan

Every piece of artwork that I produce is another step on a continuing journey of creative exploration.  Hopefully there will always be new avenues and directions to consider so I will continue to try different techniques, compositions, mediums, textures etc.


I have an affinity with the coast, people around me, music and dance, the past and narrative storytelling and these are usually the constructs that underpin my work.  Land and seascape therefore sit happily alongside figurative studies within my work output.


Though actual locations or situations will trigger the creative process, it is usually my own subconscious and/or imagination which drives the impetus further, sometimes to a dead end, sometimes to a happy conclusion!


The influences that inspire me are wide, varied and eclectic but lean towards abstraction and a sense of ambiguity.  The whole process of producing images with a sense of narrative juxtaposed with colour, texture, tone, line, composition never fails to take me within myself both emotionally, intuitively and spiritually.


Using mixed media, acrylic and pen & ink, charcoal, pencil on canvas, board and paper, I experiment with a variety of techniques sometimes in natural, sometimes in stylised forms.


I have been an Artistree member for a number of years along with other art co-operative groups, exhibiting jointly or individually in many locations within the Three Counties.