Alice May Shield - Sculptor

I create sculpture which invites the viewer to observe through the heart rather than the intellect.


The theme of these pieces is the imminent re-awakening of the feminine aspect. This is a spiritual awakening of feminine energy within both genders.


With the majority of my work, I create a form in clay, fabricate my own multi-piece mould, then I cast the form in sturdy traditional materials i.e. French ciment-fondue.


This is a long and many-faceted process during which I carefully maintain the original inspiration and vision.


I also let spontaneity guide me into experimenting with more immediate pieces portraying a “feeling” or concept, using materials compatible with the immediacy of the moment.  Examples of this are: “The Arrival of Love Inclination” and “Tenderness”.


If you would like to know more about my work or to be informed when I next exhibit,

please email me: